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There was a time, long ago, when new saddles didn't come by way of a catalog, or off the rack at a big box store. It was a simple time, when riders went in search for a local craftsman to build, by hand, a working piece of art. Today, that spirit is alive and well in each of our handmade G.W. Crate saddles. We work with each customer on saddle fit and design, to create a one of a kind saddle that will be with you for a lifetime. We use only the best materials available, starting with quality U.S. steer hides and American made saddle trees. Our master saddler has been building saddles since the middle 1960's. He is a true artist. Each G.W. Crate Master Series custom saddle is cut out by hand with a razor sharp knife, all toolings and stamps are carved into the leather one rawhide maul hit at a time. Each saddle carries a dated serial number and will be only one of a few made each year. Your new saddle could be one of that limited number so check out our website.  With a G.W. Crate saddle, are only limited by the size of your dreams.








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